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A collections of fun screencaps taken while watching tv shows + other stuff. Expect classic who, animes, new and old, and all sorts of tv shows.
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When Phase 2 comes around in the Marvel CInematic universe, the beginning of Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. starts giving a real timeline, and order of events, with their crossovers both after Thor 2’s release, and after Cap 2. I will use the release order as a reference, and split it in chapters, with Marvel One Shots placed at a good spot, with indications beforehand of the stories continued in that chapter.

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Welcome to How to Watch This Show, and we are going to start with not quite a tv show, but a multimedia franchise : the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

it started as a few movie franchises crossing over through cameos, and ended up as a giant, multi franchise connective tissue, in theaters, on tv, and soon, on Netflix.

It is also a lot of interconnecting franchises, with story points and characters crossing over from one to the other, which can make following it difficult, especially if you don’t wish to watch it as a whole. This is why I have divided it in small chapters, with content of only one franchise in each of them, and will give you, before the description of each chapter, the previous plot threads that will be continued on in said chapter, so you can decide whether or not you are invested enough in the story lines to watch it.

So let’s get started !

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Alphabound is here. 


Create an apocalypse that will abide by the structure and modalities of a video game, allowing players to transcend this earth and become godlike beings in another world.

The end is coming. Will you be called to play?

We are the ones who will create worlds. We are those who dream. Help Alphabound and join us on an adventure of friendship and discovery to become a new god— or don’t, and doom yourself to remain on the dying husk of the earth when the destined have all departed.